Measure average speed based on speed sensor only?

Paweł Więch shared this idea 3 years ago
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I asked for this feature in another topic, but i decided to give it a go in its own topic.

So, i wonder when, or will it be ever possible to gather/measure average speed based on speed sensor? GPS values thats gives final AVG are very far from reality.

For example i ride in the city, where there is PERFECT gps signal. After 50km bike ride i get for example average speed 25.5kmh while in reality, my wired bike computer shows 27.1kmh It's big difference.

Maybe some correction tool that could manually affect final average speed. If i see it's wrong i could correct it myself by changing values by hand. What do you think?

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Bike computers often measure the circumference of the tire. It is usually very imprecise. GPS delivers much better results here.

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