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Access=Private Barrier=gate

Paul Hurst shared this question 2 years ago

I live within a housing estate and OSM map has tags Access=Private Barrier=gate.

Locus Map can never start/end navigation commands from my address, rather starts from the first "open" road outside the barrier/gate.

In OsmAnd, there is a toggle to allow access/navigation on restricted/private/barrier roads.

Is there a way to do this on Locus Map 4.1.1 ? If not, any plans to add this option as user selectable ?

I've tried LoRouter, Graphopper, BRouter (even modifying profiles). None accomplish this in Locus.

BRouter works fine in OsmAnd for restricted access roads.

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Hi Paul,

I'm sorry but we are not going to add any switch for ignoring "private barrier" or "gate" tags into the app. I understand your point but we cannot afford this step as we suppose it could have more wrong consequences than the benefit. Thanks for understanding.


I have the same problem, but not with 'Private Barrier', but with 'seasonal tourist track closure'. I wanted to know the elevation and length of the track I did a year ago, but I can not record it as locus will not route me through the track as is it seasonaly closed at the moment and will be opened during the summer. I understand the concern, but it would be much better to record the track with a disclaimer that it is currently closed, rather then not allowing it at all.

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