Track recording panel always showing up

Tapio shared this problem 6 months ago
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I am doing automated starting of recordings via intent ("tasks: { track_record : { action: "start", name: "Universal", auto_save: true } }")

Tiny issue: the track recording panel does always show up when I enter Locus afterwards, via the Android notification.

I have set the track rec panel to auto hide, I have panels set to "initially do not show up". But it appears, I don't need it initially.


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Hello Michael,

by the "track recording panel" you mean big side panel with dashboard and control buttons right? Tap on the notification should happen in case, you want to control active track recording in the app. If this is not your case, then why you tap on this notification?


Oh, you're of course right, I was stupid.

I tap the notification area in order to start Locus. Bring it to front. Because before, I just sent the recording intent.

I see now the behaviour of Locus is correct, case closed, 😊

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