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Round trip

Marius Moldovan shared this question 2 years ago

I saw somewhere that round trips were implemented, at least in Premium gold subscription..( can I use Lorouter offline or what offline router?)

Can anyone please point me into how to "activate" or generate a round trip from a location to a destination? Are there any alternatives suggested for this round trip?

Thank you

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Marius - check out Route Planner > menu > Generate a round trip.

You can start from your current GPS location, or add just a single point at another location, before generating the route. There are parameters that can be "tweaked". It currently relies on online GrafHopper engine in background (not working with Lorouter/ BRouter), so will need to have data enabled at the time.


Hello Maurius,

Yes, it's as @ Andrew Heard writes.

The circular route for a Gold subscription is activated in Route planner> Route menu> suggest circular routes.

When planning, you must first add one point - so you don't have to start from your current location (this will change in the new version).

Have a nice day


Thanks @Andrew Heard for the quick help


Ok... Thanks for info.. I highly suggest to implement this feature with offline router, because this is actual usage scenario in many situations.. not having internet when in mountains and cannot always plan ahead (ad-hoc tours)

Also... Is there a way for Locus to generate alternative round trips?? More than 1 I mean.. to be able to choose the desired route ?!


Alternative round trips - yes, check the settings.

Instead of a question, add topic as a new suggestion.

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