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Anders Olsson shared this idea 2 years ago
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I use a topo map as a source for finding tracks for motorcykling. Thous tracks have different linestyels depending on what kind of track/path it is, surface, with etc.

When you are out riding and trying to navigate, the info from the map of what kind of surface or how big the road/track is, is of interest. If I make a track in Locus, that track is drawn over the path I'm looking for.

As of now, Locus has two options to mitigate the problem.

First you could set visability/transparacy so the line doesn't cover the road completely.

Second, you can use a line pattern, but you still not see the whole road, especially if you are zoome out.

Then there is the option to add a outline, that function would be super. But as it is now you can't just have outline selected without also having line ticked in. Setting line to invisible with the viability option doesn't help cause then you see the outline covering all the width.

My suggestion is to be able to select outline without also needing line, and that the outline is drawn as two separate lines.

That way you would be able to see the road on the map and having the track you made shown with two lines on each side.

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Just uploading an exempel of how it could look like.


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