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Axel Küster shared this question 7 months ago

Hi, is there a way to load an existing track to the planner, e.g. for modification?

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It's not yet possible to modify track from the web browser (beta). You need to use cloud sync with your phone or tablet, and modify the track from there.


Hello Axel,

First of all, I would like to mention that the mobile application will in many respects be more advanced in the long run than the web application.

It is primarily intended for planning and viewing.

So far, it is not really possible to edit routes in the Planner.

But it is planned and we are working on it.

Thank you for understanding.

Have a nice day


Thanks @ Andrew Heard for the quick help


Hi Andrea,

Thanks fort he quick response. This matches your business title J below.

OK, understood, but to plan, modify and view an intended track or route it is much more convenioent on the big screen(s) oft he PC.

In my case, I’m planning a trip in bare land of northern Mongolia where I must (only, the ) relay on elder russion military maps, scanned and georeferenced as there are no other detailed maps available.

Now I first planned the trip, on Google earth (bigger overview and satellite images) and now wanted to check and possibly modify the tracks on Locus track planner on a bigger screen than my Phone, play back again and so on.

Ok so it is.

But if you are already on the hook ;-), is there a way to load the SQLItEDB files I created for the mobile application into the web track planner? This would be really a great improvement as well.

Warm Regards and thanks for the ongoing improvements with Rel. 4


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Can you plan the route with another online route planner, eg.; export as GPX, import to Locus Android, sync to Locus web? Terribly tedious I know. Simplest for now is Locus Android Route Planner.

>is there a way to load the SQLItEDB files I created for the mobile application into the web track planner?

can't you use Locus Cloud Sync?


Thanks, I will try as you recommended tomorrow. 

Thanks for the Help 

Locus Map <> schrieb am Mo., 14. Juni 2021, 09:40:


Please make import of GPX from a local source (PC) and editing it possible asap. Without this function, the web planner is useless. This web planner is the only reason i switched from the Locus Pro to v4 and I was willing to spend the $25 a year.


Toon - you'll note the Web Planner is currently Beta. Many many people have already asked the same questions, so I'm sure the Locus team get the message/ feeling the pressure. You could have waited until the Planner had an import function before upgrading from LM3Pro; there was no hidden secret about lots of functionality still "missing"?

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