Waypoint hint - refreshing in a nervous way

Tapio shared this problem 4 months ago
Not a Problem

Hi, pls watch video... the embedded WP hint is permanently turning off and on.


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how can we simulate it? Could you please describe step by step in detail how you got to the issue? Thanks.


Tasker is in Fullscreen, recording is on, GPS on, Heading line on, it happened independent from map rotation - but:

Under no means I was able to reproduce it again now, I have no idea. First suspect was the overlay of Tasker (you see an "S" button in the video), but currently it works just fine. It's such a minot thing - you may set this issue to "Not a problem" and I may return later to it, if I find a cause.

There is a kind of "border" of when the text is displaying and when not. And my GPS position is permanently moving in the video. Maybe it's something about this, operating at the border...

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