How to display "way types" and "surface"

Guy Evans shared this question 4 months ago

The latest blog post "Silver or Pro? Take a look at the difference" has a screen shot of Locus Map 4 route and under the elevation plot has "way types" and "surface". However for all my routes, I don't see either of these sections (just the waypoints).

How do I get this data?

(In case it matters I am using openandromaps and the routes are externally generated and imported.)

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Have your "routes" been created using the LM Route Planner? From my understanding it's only when using RP that way types & surfaces are displayed. I had a similar question & suggestion that all tracks should display way types & surfaces. Sorry but can't find a link to that topic.


Hello Guy,

Thank you for your question.

Surfaces and path types are only displayed with a Gold subscription.

And only if you plan routes in the application with LoRouter.

Have a nice day


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