Editing long route causes Locus Map to crash

Guy Evans shared this problem 4 months ago
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I do a lot of long distance day walks (25+ miles). These are either created by 3rd parties or by myself in external software. If I import these routes and then attempt to edit them, Locus Map crashes. I assume this is because every point is being turned into a "via point" - which in itself is not useful.

Perhaps one solution, would be to have an option on import so that only route points (rtept) which have a cmt/desc are turned into "via points"? (This would also work very well with the upcoming dashboard functionality to show distance to the next via point.)

Sample file attached.

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FWIW your GPX file imported successfully into my LMgold4.2.0. Yes, lots of via points but otherwise no issues.


Hi Guy, could you please send a bugreport created after the crash? Thanks. More at https://docs.locusmap.app/doku.php?id=manual:faq:issue_reporting

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