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Sideonius shared this problem 23 months ago

I'm able to add and initialize public wmts map, but on map screen I see only error "Connection failed" regardless map layers/projection I use.

The URL: https://geoportal.lesycr.cz/WMTS_LCR/service.svc/get?

See: https://lesycr.cz/o-nas/pravidla-pro-zpristupneni-informaci-a-vydej-dat-lhp-lesu-cr/geoportal/

Where is the issue?

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I'm testing your map and even in the QGIS application, it does not work correctly. Internal links point to some web "http://apollo-w02.lcr.local/" that does not serve map tiles correctly. Did you try the WMS map as an alternative?

Jiří M. aka Menion


Hello Sideonius,

I do not know what is the current status of the WMTS service, but for a few days, the WMS service should be fully working and supported so give it a try if still interested.

Jiří M. aka Menion

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