Navigation instructions in English instead of German

Animis Spem shared this problem 3 months ago

Since an update to V 3.53.0, English names have been loaded for the navigation instructions on new and recalculated routes. The list of waypoints consists of English and German instructions. As a result, instead of the turn arrows in the navigation display, the stopover symbol is always shown and the voice output is incomprehensible.

This applies to both my Samsung Galaxy SM-T510 tablet and my Samsung Galaxy A71 smartphone.

How do I get my German instructions back into the app?

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With the latest update (3.53.1) the error has been fixed, the app works (initially only the simulation was tested) again as desired.


Confirm problem solved. Thank you!

Best, Lucas



We apologize for the inconvenience after the update.

Please install the new Locus Map Pro 3.53.1 patch.

Alternatively LM4 version 4.2.1

The problem should be solved. .

Have a nice day

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