Please add the Track & Route Map Label to the new Locus Map app

Alex Derr shared this idea 4 months ago

I really liked the simple Track & Route Map Label in the old Locus.

The new Locus seems to be missing this. When I tap on a track, I get a ton on info, but sometimes I just want the quick summary. Can you add this? Or do I just need to toggle it On? Thanks!

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Hello Alex,

thanks for the idea, but the old small label won't return. What was the benefit of this small label for you? Current bottom screen is fast and offer all possible features immediately without need to click on small label and waiting (sometimes) a few seconds till big screen appears.

It is one of major changes we did in the Locus Map 4 and there is no chance to returnthe old small labels for points or tracks. Anyway, we are always open to suggestions that may help improve current system. Thanks for understanding.

Jiří M. aka Menion


Hi, Menion

When I click on a track, I would like a quick summary of distance from start, remaining distance, remaining ascent, and remaining descent. I found these very useful in the old Locus. I really like the new info panel at the bottom of the screen except that I have to do more tapping to get these data. The first line of data on this panel is the same for every point on the track. I would prefer this data to be de-prioritized in favor of having the variable data presented here (distance from start, remaining distance, remaining ascent, and remaining descent). Is it possible to change this or to allow the user to change it? 

On one hand I think that's a lot to ask. OTOH, you've done so much already I expect you can do anything! Thanks even considering this and responding to user suggestions. You guys rock.


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Hello Alex,

thanks for extra feedback. You are right, it is currently little cumberstone. You have to tap on the track on the map to get a generic global info about the track. And then you may tap on this first bottom button to get info about selected trackpoint. This is also something I'm not perfectly fine with.

There is already quite a lot of users that wants some kind of customization of the new track screen and I may promise, it is also something I would like to do. So thanks, I'll keep this in my mind.


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