Attitude manager settings with bluetooth gps

haci shared this question 4 months ago

Hello. Are the attitude manager settings applied when using bluetooth gps? It seems that pressure sensor is ignored. My settings are: altitude offset - off, srtm data - don't use, use pressure sensor - on, altitude filter - light. On pressure tab automatic is checked.

When using internal gps, there is no altitude spikes on relatively flat roads. But with bluetooth gps there is sudden altitude changes for 15-20 meter in recorded track chart, whereas road is almost flat.

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Hello haci,

this is a really weird problem. I'm rather double-checking how the "Altitude manager" setup works when using external Bluetooth GPS and there seems to be absolutely no difference.

When using a pressure sensor, there should be no such peaks on the flat terrain, agree. Did this happen to you more then once?

Jiří M. aka Menion


Thank you for your responce. I figured out the problem, it was related with latency and Tx buffer of bluetooth gps. Now works without problems. Thank you for such feature rich awasome app.

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