Attitude manager settings with bluetooth gps

haci shared this question 11 months ago

Hello. Are the attitude manager settings applied when using bluetooth gps? It seems that pressure sensor is ignored. My settings are: altitude offset - off, srtm data - don't use, use pressure sensor - on, altitude filter - light. On pressure tab automatic is checked.

When using internal gps, there is no altitude spikes on relatively flat roads. But with bluetooth gps there is sudden altitude changes for 15-20 meter in recorded track chart, whereas road is almost flat.

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Hello haci,

this is a really weird problem. I'm rather double-checking how the "Altitude manager" setup works when using external Bluetooth GPS and there seems to be absolutely no difference.

When using a pressure sensor, there should be no such peaks on the flat terrain, agree. Did this happen to you more then once?

Jiří M. aka Menion


Thank you for your responce. I figured out the problem, it was related with latency and Tx buffer of bluetooth gps. Now works without problems. Thank you for such feature rich awasome app.

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