Failed download always starts from 0%

Bartek Zoladkowski shared this problem 5 months ago

I'm currently on a trip, using offline navigation (LoRouter/gold plan) in an area with poor internet reception. While trying to download a missing nav segment, the process fails at around 15-25%. Then on each restart it goes from 0% again, which is a real pity, because after so many retries i could already have the entire thing if only downloads were implemented with support for HTTP range :(

Normally this would not be a problem of course... if I were at home, a big city or a hotel with decent wifi. Or if navigation data could be preloaded ahead of time just as maps are... :(

I also have brouter, with all areas of my trip downloaded, but in this case, theres also an issue, but thiscould be brouter problem - "exception reading rawTrack - j.i.EOFException" which suggest that i should perhaps try to download this again, which takes me back to poor internet :(

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Hi Bartek. Thank for reporting.

Tiles (and smaller patches updating them) can be downloaded in advance. Go to Locus Store -> maps -> LoMaps. Select a Map that covers the area of interest. There is option to download elevation and routing data in advance. You do not need to buy / own / download the map. Just the area covered by map is used to determine tiles (patches) needed. Attached pictures should give some idea how large the routing tiles (patches) are.


Support for http range requests: good point, if the cloud storage provider we use support this. I don't know at the moment.1cc1afa9edf66f6fae9d56609977b14a211fb67edf85db080344da910cb5e74e29fc8df97d4e138bcbd26724a6bfcf2d


Thanks Radim, that's good to know it's possible :)

Yeah, http range requests would be a great improvement (although maybe very little noticeable once it's working)

Edit: not sure if i could do it, but this thread could be put in suggestion/feature request instead of a problem

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