Changing von Version 3.5 to 4.x what happens to the tracks that i have in my phone?

Helmuth shared this question 3 months ago

I use version 3.5 pro at the moment and i used to track locus map on over 40 hikes i made. They are saved now, what happens if i would change to version 4.x (silver or gold)

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Hi Helmuth,

those tracks are stored in a database (as are the POIs in a separate one) and that can be accessed by both, LMP3.x and LM4.x, even simulatenously, provided your LMP3.x install is in a /Locus structure on the highest storage level. If you have it in a /Android/data/... structure they will not be found, because such structures are different for each app.



PS: but in latter case you should be able to copy those to the right place by a capable file explorer like X-plore or alike.


Hello Helmuth,

The best solution is to use Backup Manager> Backup Settings in your Pro, then Backup Manager in LM 4> Restore. SRTM data (and maps, points, tracks, routes) are shared between the two applications.

Have a nice day


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