Temporarily hide tracks, points, navigation line via Tasker

freischneider shared this idea 2 years ago
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Tracks, points and navigation lines often obscure information on the map. At the moment I can hide this by long clicking on the data manager. But I need 2 clicks. And also 2 clicks to fade in.

This is very difficult or even impossible with long gloves. The idea is to trigger the whole thing via a Tasker command. This can be triggered by a hardware button or BT button. I work with the Bixby button when hiking or the BT button on the bike. Since I only have one button, I work with voice commands to trigger a lot of Tasker tasks.

Possible ideas in the comments.

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To enable the maximum flexibility for the user, the following structure.

Task: Hide

everything is hidden here (tracks, points, navigation line)

Task: Hide / Points, Navigation Line

here only points and navigation line are hidden and tracks remain visible.

Task: Hide / Points (folder 123, folder ABC), navigation line

here only the points in the folders, "folder 123" and "folder ABC", are hidden. and the navigation line is hidden.


Now the time component is added.

Task: hide / tracks (folder MTB), navigation line / time 5s

Here only tracks from the folder "Folder MTB" and the navigation line are hidden.

And exactly 5 seconds and are then automatically displayed again.

If the time is not specified, the opposite state should always be assumed when the task is triggered.

If the current status is shown, then the task should trigger the hiding.

If the current status is hidden, then the task should show everything again.


A lot of what you are asking is tasker specific, as in the tasker code needs to run it not locus

So what you are asking for is for Menion with the locus API, or Falco with his plugin

to show/hide points, tracks as specified by folder, or all

and show hide the navigation line....

the rest is tasker, which is easier.....


Please change in suggestion. unfortunately cannot change it afterwards.


Possibly add Poi (Lopoi, Oampoi)


This function is very useful when cycling.

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