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Screen is always locked

freischneider shared this problem 15 months ago

My screen lock is always active. I always have to swipe to unlock the screen. If I then switch off the screen and switch it on again later, the lock is active again. This is since version 4.2.

If I switch off the screen via the BT hardware controller (Expert Settings Sreen On / off) then the screen is not locked. I only use this on my MTB. I have to unlock every time I go hiking.

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The problem with the locked screen is solved.

I saw another register next to the home at Tasker. There were then different active profiles in it. One was a screen lock. I suspect that the update of the Locus Tasker Addon was activated. I've never laid out there.

I all have disabled profiles in this tab.


Hi, as discussed on the forum ...

Jiří M. aka Menion

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