In Altitudegraph of recorded track, two current positions are displayed

druki shared this question 3 months ago

Is this a bug or a feature?

If it is a feature, the display of the two positions could be improved to have the values assigned better to the position.

Steps to reproduce:

1. record a track (save it) or load a recorded track

2. let the track be shown on map

3. click on a position on the track to make the overview of a track appear with the altitude/speed graph. The selected position is shown in the graph with a black line, blue and red points with assigned values.

4. Select the altitude graph to be shown. The graph is displayed fullscreen and the selected position is still shown.

5. Click on an other position on the graph.

Question: at this situation,

a) should only one position be shown (the first marked position is overwritten by the new selection) or

b) should both positions be shown?

If b) is expected, try to bring the two positions close together and try to destinguish, which shown values belong to which position. The logic of assignment is: if in the left part of graph, valies are displayed to the right, if in the right part, values are displayed on the left. Aditionally, the values are shifted a bit vertically from the colored points. In certain conditions, the values can be hard to be distingushed or even can overlap. See screenshots.

In such conditions it would be better to have the values of the left position on the left and the values of the right position on the right. But only if there is enough space on that side (mabe move the area of display in such case). Not easy to solve.

Long story short: So because of this, the more easy way would be to only display one position at a time in the graph... > answer a). Except b) is a usecase... 😉.

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Hi Druki,

this is a feature - there is always the first selected position on the maximized graph plus the second one. If the two are overlapped being too close, just zoom the graph in.


ok, thank you for clearification. What do you think about the suggestion to optimize the placement of the values to avoid overlapping?


Dirk aka Druki.


Hi Druki,

according to Menion, we are going to rebuild this part on a new "engine". Moreover, at the moment it does not seem to him as a big problem though...


Ok, I'm looking forward. Thank you for information and excellent communication. I really appreciate it!

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