One-click for track-recording

Norbert shared this idea 2 months ago

Too many klicks for track-recording.

1) One klick for start and automatic back to map

2) One klick for end und save and automatic back to map.

3) No notification. Notification needs additional klicks.

4) Default show track-recording on map.

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Hello Norbert,

currently, most of the mentioned tasks are based on "two clicks". You may enable auto-hide of the side panel after recording stats and also auto-save into the preferred folder when recording is stopped. I believe, the current solution is good enough.

If you are interested in a faster start/stop of the recording, you may use a custom "Dashboard" with start/stop recording buttons or a little more advanced system over the Tasker application.

Jiří M. aka Menion


Norbert - it is possible to have auto-start track recording when Locus starts - zero taps - see menu > settings > track recording. To end it only takes 2 taps if you have the track recording on the map.

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