The Non Informative Navigation Question Mark Sign.

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When in off track position @ navigation without (auto)recalculation activated Locus can show a guiding line towards the next target.

- In case of track priority should point toward the nearest next unconsumed target trackpoint.

- In case of point priority, the line should point to the next unused target, either an unannounced shaping point (new) or announced via point.

When actually such happens Locus displays in that large nice readable Navigation Button the non informative Question Mark.

Please notice that the discrete unannounced Shaping points as a Navigation reference target is actually not supported !


Instead of the question mark show an informative BIG guiding (360¬į rotating) Arrow into the direction of the next target.

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I like the idea. Not that I have used navigation mode for a while, but my experience was the question mark icon was most often displayed at commencement of navigation when Locus was confused, and a "recalculate" would fix the problem.


"My experience was the question mark icon was most often displayed at commencement of navigation when Locus was confused"

There is no need for a Locus app so hesitant Andrew. Please also note the intermediate comment.

Better navigation to always a clear Shaping or Via Target Point including so the Start.

With suggestion at the start of the navigation go toward the Start or the nearest Target Point.

By targets that can be skipped but you hardly so need to set that annoying STRICT navigation.

When on track nicely towards your next Target Point, the target distance gradually decreases.

The navigation sticks to the target and only lets go when the target distance increases by 30 to 40m.

However, Locus ignores some of the precious Planner Point info applied by the user.

Shaping Points are ignored by Locus altogether, worse even, the valuable user info get lost.

This is unfortunately the case both in active Navigation and in gpx transfers. Very :-((


Commencing navigation is potentially a difficult point in time. If your position is a few metres or 100m from the beginning, does Locus decide you want to navigate to the start, or continue along the route? Maybe something really obvious to a human, but not LM? I'm just guessing why has been a problem in the past.


Simple isn't it?



Hello Willy, Andrew

I like this idea, thanks for it! Currently, at the end of 2021, I plan a bigger work on the Dashboards, mainly support for compass and some "rotating stuff", so this task may follow once I'll have these components ready for use.


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