Option to display a 'LOST GPS SIGNAL' icon over the Direction screen

Yoannjap shared this idea 10 months ago


User of your prime Locus Map Pro 4 app, I use it for my cycling trips.

I noticed a problem when losing GPS signal, when there's too much traffic noise around, and when you're not connected to 3G/4G/5G to recalculate the intinerary : you don't see when you lost GPS signal! (or a very small icon on top of the Android status bar).

Could you add on your app an option to display a visible semi transparent icon or something, letting you know GPS is OFF?

See the illustration attached I made to illustrate.

It could solve many cycling trips problems.

Thanks a lot for your work and your app,


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Hello Yoannjap,

I'm not sure if this is necessary.

I see there currently three options

  • you see directly on the map screen green icon with GPS symbol that starts Satellite/compass screen. In case, there is a problem with GPS, icon should turn to orange
  • on the map screen is a visible blue moving arrow or blue circle if you stand still. In case, GPS fix is lost, the icon turns to green
  • and last, you may enable sound/vibrate notification on lost GPS signal in the app settings.

I believe this is enough to be noticed in case, your device loses a valid GPS signal.

Jiří M. aka Menion

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