Add sorting options for track/route/point database search results

StehtimSchilf shared this idea 2 years ago
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Due a mental derangement I've saved several tracks and points in the wrong (sub)folders.

Now I cannot find them anymore. I know I can search around a POI but this gives me all the tracks/points in that area and as I have several (sub)folders this approach is a little bit exhausting.

Much easier would be, if there would be a sorting for the search results. In my case it would be a sort by "creation date". In this case I would search over everything, sort by date and then find all the poi/tracks I made during the holidays.

Of course other sorts would might be useful:

  • creation date
  • name
  • sort by track distance
  • track time
  • speed
  • activity
  • icon
  • altitude

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Hi, have you tried sorting or filters in the folders? There are many options including your proposed ones.


Hi Michal

appreciate your quick response. Yes, I'm aware of the sorting and filtering options within a folder. Unfortunately I have multiple groups (for each country) and with in those groups multiple folders (activites, trips, ....)

thats why its a little bit exhausting to find the right folder.

It s of course not Locus Maps fault, it s mine! And additionally I've chosen very meaning full names like "photospot".

I'll manage it (while sitting on the Locus! (in our dialect "the Locus" is the "WC" :) ). I just wanted to know, if I'm not aware of an existing feature.

But while we are at it: may be you could one day include "sorting the search results" as a new feature and if you do that, provide the "wrench options like in folder view", to "select, copy, move, export, delete" the search results.

I thank you for your great work!



A small not comfortable workaround with MS Access (or a similar database engine):

  1. Make an export of your Tracks/POIs
  2. copy zip file to your PC
  3. extract waypoints.db and tracks.db from your zip file
  4. install an SQLite3 ODBC driver (e.g.
  5. make a DSN to tracks.db or/and waypoints.db
  6. link/import table "tracks"
  7. now you can sort/query the tracks/POIs data according your needs.

Well actually you only can access the name and the timestamp of the tracks. Other data are somehow encoded and at the moment I could find any description of the field encoding for extra_data, extra_style, statistics, image_overview.

And while writing this, it suggests a "similar topics" (



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