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Log in into Locus Map Web - RODO

Michał Jabłoński shared this question 14 months ago


Im unable to log in nto Locus Map Web planner. Wherewer i try to log in - i got message that due to EU law I need to agree to RODO - and confirm agreement in aplictaion.

However i cant find such option in app - im logged in and got pro version.

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From similar post (original in German):

Hello Marcus,

In order to log in to Web Planner, you need to confirm the terms of the GDPR.

Currently, you can only do this via the Locus Map application.

Simply use the latest version of Locus Map 4 or Locus Map Pro and log in to the Locus Store. The confirmation dialogue should appear automatically.

Alternatively, try logging in and then logging out of the Locus Store.

Menu> Store> right account field> (log in if necessary)

Change account

Log in again with the same account.

Once confirmed, you should normally log in to the web planner.

Have a nice day


Translated with (free version)


Hello Michal,

As @ Michael quoted from my previous answer - this procedure should be correct.

Contact us in case of problems.

Have a nice day


@ thanks Michael Bechtold for the quick help

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