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Add map_center_alt to API

Tapio shared this idea 13 months ago

Hi Menion, just as map_center_lat and map_center_lon, could you add map_center_alt to the API so Falco could add it to the plugin?

Use case:

I'm creating sweetly formatted addresses from Locus Map center with help of osm - great API if you want to include waywarks/buildings etc...

And I'd love to include Altitude of the place. Example result from one of my scripts and how I'd like to use altitude:

[code]Wanderparkplatz Ochsenkopf, L 685, 59821 Arnsberg, Hochsauerlandkreis, 405 m. ü. NN,8.04161

N51°21.3807', E008°02.4965'

N51.356346, E008.041608[/code]

best regards


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Hello Tapio

what exactly should be this value? It should be a computed altitude value in the map screen center?

I'm asking because no such parameter directly exists in the Locus API, so this will be something more related to Falco's add-on. We probably talk about this parameter that is loaded by Tasker over API.

Anyway oki, in the next version, this object will have filled elevation in case, the user will have offline elevation files for computing. It will be then probably necessary to extract this elevation in the add-on.



Great, thx, yes the value which Locus shows at map center and which is originating from the hgt files..

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