Add attachment to a cache with Locus 4

Vincent Breton shared this question 52 days ago

In version 3.5 we have a tab Attachment to add a local photo to a cache (not to send with log). With Locus 4, to access this feature we need to edit the cache to see the add local photo function. Is there a way to access this more directly ? I try to use the Define new button feature but the attachment feature is not available.

As I often take a picture of my find for myself, it will be funny to do it with ease. So if I missed the good way, thanks for an idea to simplify photo attachment.

Also, the attachment like a photo is stored in a local directory on the phone. Is there a way to tell Locus to sync photos on the web site of Gold version or to Google Drive so there will be available on an other phone or if we move the Locus app to an other phone ?

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Hi Vincent,

the only option how to add an attachment is via the "edit" option. It takes the same number of clicks as the former "tab" solution.

"photo is stored in a local directory on the phone"

- we work on an option to store media in external storage (SD card). Syncing media with the cloud is also planned in the near future.

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