Data description/encoding of table tracks.db and waypoints.db

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i've copied the SQLite3 databases tracks.db and waypoints.db to my pc and connected to the dbs successfully.

I've also connected the the dbs through ODBC to an MS Access FrontEnd.

in the table tracks there are fields which content I cannot deduce/decode:

  • breaks
  • extra_data
  • extra_styles
  • statistics
  • overview_image

Is there any description available how to decode the fields in table tracks/waypoints containing data?

not LocusMap related, j.f.y.i.:

Has anyone ever connected an SQLite3-DB to MS Access through ODBC but couldn't read the Integer-Fields like "time_created"? All integer fields where set to value "2147483647" (max Long Integer in Access). Access sets the datatype to "long integer" and not to "double" to have enough digits. I have no idea why, as it s obvious that a number value of "1505954396383" is not an "Access Long Integer". Anyhow, to bypass this issue, I've added in SQLLite3 a new field "time_created_string" to table tracks, copied all the data from "time_created" to "time_created_string" and did the linking/importing into MS Access afterwards. At the moment I have no idea why Access tries to convert "1505954396383" into a max long integer .... It's an Access / ODBC driver (the option "Always BIGINT" did not help) issue not LocusMap!



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Unfortunately, the program does not allow you to display a description of the structure.

It was never planned that the data would be available in this way.

Some column formats are purely binary.

Thank you for understanding.

Have a nice day


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