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geocaching - waypoint projection does not work reliablely

Dirk shared this problem 2 years ago

Hello Help Desk Team,

there are problems by the waypoint projection from multi-geocaches. With some multi-caches the waypoint projection works and by other geocaches the waypoint projection doesn’t work. LM4 crashed completely and started new.

Some examples of geocaches where the waypoint projection does not work and LM4 crashed.


after creating an additional WP and projection from this one, LM4 crashes completely. LM4 must be started new and the geocaches is disappeared from the map, is inactive.


waypoint projection from Stage 1 → works nicely

added a new waypoint by hand and projection from this one → LM4 crashed


waypoint projection from an additional added waypoint by hand works perfectly

The problem seems to be, when I created a new waypoint manually and try a projection from this one, then LM4 crashed but not by all multi-caches but just by certain caches.

Thanks for your trouble

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confirm misbehavior


Hi Dirk and balloni,

thanks for the precise bug report. I believe I've detected reason of this issue. It should be fixed in next Locus Map 4.3.3 version (and Locus Map Pro as well).


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