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L4 sync miss via-points

Francisco Jose shared this question 2 years ago

There are 3 ways I create track/route with via-points and respective consequences in sync:

1 - create route in Locus 4 and create new via-points inside route.

- consequence: route and its via points are synced between devices;

2 - import file (created in Basecamp) with track and specific waypoints; import loads waypoints but don't offer option to join waypoints with track; I edit track and copy manually the waypoints inside track (via-points); I have 2 folders: 1 in routes with track and its via-points, and other in Points with that waypoints.

- consequence: track with via-points and points folder synced between devices

3 - same as 2.; but after points are inside route, as via-points, delete de Points folder because it is not necessary.

- consequences:

a) in device 1 I've the track with its via points

b) sync: syncs only track, not via points; in device 2 I've only the track without its via-points, although in device 1 I've track + via-points

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Please try manual synchronization. To find out if the data is transferred correctly.

And report on progress.

Have a nice day



Hello Andrea,

I made manual sync, both in the general button, as well in the buttons in the route & points folders for confirmation. I always do manual sync after modify any route / point.

Maybe the problem is the gpx have points, track and a route of the track. I attach the gpx file. But the problem was with the track, not the route, which I did not modify.

Thank you


Try this. (By your attached example file)

- No need to import the (wpt)waypoints, nor the (trk)track.

- In Locus map only import the Garmin (rte) route as it has all necessary info inside.

Notice the specific Garmin Shaping Points (non alert) are imported in Locus as Via Points. (alert)

Locus will read correctly that imported Garmin route import, convert this into a Locus navigation track and save that result into the Locus database.

Than try sync ? Does not work ? I do not test as I only use Pro.


0709, the way you tell is only possible if, before import, I clean gpx file from track or route or points in some software (I use Basecamp or Land for those tasks).

When importing a composite gpx file (route + track + points) Locus don't offer option to import only route or track, neither to not import points.

I know now that the only solution that works is to import gpx with track + points, or route + points.


Import in Locus as a combined file. (Your example file).

Locus does not offer to merge waypoints because (for Locus) there seems to be 2 tracks imported.

So Find your imported waypoints separated into a (free) points folder.

Eventually create you a 'special' work folder. (Recycle folder).

After import delete all imported (16) points inside that 'special folder'.

Find than both the route and the track displayed on the map on top of each other.

Tap the displayed tracks.

- One is the (rte) route and the other is the (trk) track.

- Select the track and tap delete by the menu.

- So keep the route inclusive the Via Points in the Locus database (As a Locus track inclusive merged Via Points)


0709: best is remove track or route, externally, and then import gpx with route or track + waypoints. That way Locus offers option to joint points to track (via-points) and sync runs ok.

If I want to have the 2 versions inside Locus, I make 2 imports: route+points, and after, track+points. Is simpler this way.


Sorry OM, but you specifically did ask for Via Points support and Via announcement yes ?

In the file attachment:

- Only the Garmin (rte) route by the (19) routepoints so have correct (19) Via Points and are directionally announced at navigation.

- Out of the 16 waypoints (to be merged with the track) ONLY 4 are correctly associated with a single trackpoint and so a promoted Via Point.

All other waypoints are just simple free located ordinary poi waypoints, if indeed intended to be used as Via Points are so not functional.

Yes, indeed the Locus merge menu is only offered if the imported file only contains a single (trk) track.

Non associated (Not Via) waypoints can only be announced by the omnidirectional Locus poi alerter.


0709, thank you:

1. Question of this topic was missing via-points on sync between devices.

After some try & fail, and also your inputs, I concluded:

2. I discovered that if I import a composite gpx (route + track + points) although inside Locus when I associate points inside track as via-points, track is synced, but via-points are not.

3. Concluded that we should not import that type of composite gpx (many different things, like route + track + points).

4. Concluded also that if we import a gpx with track + points, or route + points, the import process offers option to include points inside track or route, and sync between devices runs ok.

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