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Locusmap LoMap map data problem - missing POI, not real road type

Arpad Orfi shared this problem 16 months ago
Not a Problem

Dear Developers,

1) Missing POI that is present on OpenStreetMap but missing in Locus from the LoMap vector map:

Regarding this, let me ask: isn't LoMap based on OSM, and Locus "improves" it? If so, then how is it possible that a several years old POI is missing from the improved LoMap?

What should be known about this in general?

And what to expect in terms of data accuracy and COMPLETENESS of map elements in general, LoMap vs OSM?

2) While this is akin to OSM, but the OSM data itself is false:

The trace of the main road has been changed. OSM doesn't know this, but Google Maps displays it according to the current/real state. Look at the road next to "De la Motte-kastély".

Compare it to Google Maps. The trace of the main road changed, it now goes next to the castle.

Does Locus follow these kind of inconsistencies in OSM - or solely bases its data on OSM data?

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1) Vector LoMaps expect a definition of tower type to display the correct ikon (communication, lighthouse, etc) It seems that the 'tower:type' attribute is missing a for this reason isn't POI displayed in the LoMaps

2) LoMaps are generated basically only from OSM data (except contour lines and data for low zoom levels). So if there is any problem in OSM, please fix it or create a new OSM note to notice the problem

Thank you


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