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Klaus Dambeck shared this question 5 months ago

Hi all, how can I contribute to fix bugs in offline maps? Some well prepared trails in my area are missing.

Best regards, Klaus

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Hello Klaus,

Directly in Locus you can use the tool "OSM notes", with which you can inform the OSM mappers community about errors / news in the map (for more see https://docs.locusmap.app/doku.php?id=en:manual:user_guide:maps_tools : osm_notes). The places drawn in this way usually appear on the map for a longer time - it depends on the agility of the local OSM community

You can become an OSM mapper directly and draw missing routes and other objects directly into the OSM map. Instructions on how to do this can be found here: LearnOSM. Directly drawn changes will appear in the online LoMap in about a week, in the offline LoMap within two months at the latest.

Have a nice day



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