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Exporting Data

Dosen Tomate shared this problem 13 months ago
Not a Problem

Hey, I'm having some problems with exporting data. When I export everything as KMZ and open it on the PC with google earth, it says the KMZ file is empty even though I can see it is over 1 GB in size. Now I have bought the Gold version to sync my data. I have now done this, however, the app did not ask me with which cloud and now I do not know where my data is that I have recently synchronised. Can someone help me with this please.

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as for the first question - 1 GB KMZ is quite a massive size and I'm afraid Google Earth is just not capable to import such a huge file. More at

Cloud sync - Locus Map synchronizes user points, tracks and routes with our own cloud storage. This data can be seen at More about Locus sync:


Hi, thanks a lot. The cloud sync seems to work now, after i changed the settings.

For the 1 GB KMZ I might need to use some other GIS program for that then. Thank you :)

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