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Referral credit

Alistair Parsons shared this question 12 months ago

Is it possible to get some kind of referral credit for signing people up to subscriptions.

Possibly after theyve signed up

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The recommendation was based on initial installation being done via a specific link, and only for new locus pro

as my clients are using free, then getting the gold subsciption, this no longer applies

also with LM4 i cant see it in the menu any more

Perhaps in a persons account, they could put an email address for their referrer ( me) so while they have an active subscription, their referral gets a commiision...

Can this be changed to an Idea, thanks.....


A real Locus fan does this for free. I even booked gold even though I don't need it. But people who do a great job here also have to earn something.


Hello Alistair,

Unfortunately, the recommendation has not been available since the subscription was launched. So it is not possible to recommend and get a reward for it.

We apologize that we have not yet updated the information on our site.

Thank you for understanding.

Have a nice day



No problem, just a thought, the more people we get subscribing the sooner we will get newer features :-)

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