Navigation - announce the name of the next waypoint after reaching the current one?

Paul Van Cotthem shared this idea 2 years ago
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Situation: in my country one can ride bike tours by following numbered roadsigns (see image below) which are positioned along the roads. One can also create tours using a special bicycle route planner website, and download them as GPX files, then import these into Locus as tracks to navigate along.

The numbers of the roadsigns are included in the GPX-file. When using Locus to navigate along the track, and using speech announcements, the number of each waypoint is announced by speech. This is great. However, since I do not know what the next waypoint is without looking at my screen, I have to stop to look at my smartphone. Or I have to print a list of waypoint numbers, and attach it to my bicycle steering wheel. Both ways are cumbersome.

There could be a better way: since Locus already has the "next waypoint" information in the GPX-file, Locus could help out, as follows...

Feature request:

When on a bicycle (or walking) tour, upon reaching a waypoint, I need to know what the number is of the next waypoint to go to. It would be great if Locus would have a setting which allows announcing via speech what the number is of the next waypoint to drive to.

Of course, I could achieve this by manually editing the GPX-file using a text editor, and for each waypoint in the file type the number of the next waypoint after it. And then import this edited GPX-file into Locus as a track. However, such manual editing is quite a lot of work, especially since such bike tours can have dozens of waypoints.

There could be a better way, if Locus could "look ahead" into the track, find the NAME of the next waypoint, and then speak it upon arrival at a certain waypoint.

Would this be possible please? Thanks!


Suppose the track contains the waypoints numbered ..., 51, 46, 78 ...

Upon arrival at waypoint number 51, Locus would speak "51, next is 46". Upon arrival at 46, Locus would speak "46, next is 78". And so on for the entire track.


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Hello Paul,

interesting idea. Hard to say how many users will find this feature useful. That's why I've changed it to the idea so let's start voting ;)



Thank you!


[NL] Routeproductie door "fietsnet" exporteer als gpx of tcx file.

Export selectie: Knooppunt + Volgend Knooppunt.

= Zonder richting (L/R) aanwijzig generatie.

Locus Via punt TTS is door de "name tag".

Knooppunten als TTS aangekondige "Via Points".

[EN] Route production by "fietsnet" export as gpx or tcx file.

Export select: Node + Next Node.

= Without direction (L/R) indication generation.

Locus Via Point TTS is by the "name tag".

Nodes as TTS announced "Via Points".


Thanks... I am aware of this workaround (valid for Flanders region).

My feature request would make this workaround unneeded.

My request would also be valid for other regions where this workaround is not available.

And also for those various use cases where getting a spoken announcement of the next waypoint upon arrival at the current one is valuable.


OK Paul. Ik begrijp het perfect hoor, bij voorkeur dus in en door de (mobiele) Locus planner.

De fietsnet demo is een voorbeeld hoe eenvoudig en compact een aankondiging kan zijn. (xx + xx)


👍 Indeed. I have been using that workaround myself many times. Would be great if this were built into Locus as a standard feature. Hence my request.

Please vote for it if you agree?

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