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Viajero Perdido shared this problem 5 months ago

I love the compass screen, except when the direction arrow disappears. I'm standing close to the cache, but which way do I go?

It seems repeatable if you 1) "turn off getting location", wait a few seconds, "turn on getting location", and yes, wait for satellite lock to come back. (I do this sometimes to reset the GPS chip; it seems to help with cache-finding accuracy.)

Walking around (changing the distance) doesn't magically bring it back. Is there some trick to this? (Without my glasses, I don't want to rely on the tiny arrow on the map screen.) Thanks.

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no one from our team has succeeded in simulating this issue, nevertheless, we'll dig into it some more.


I'll try to find a recipe to duplicate it. This has been happening to me, occasionally, for maybe a year ... which means, also in version 3.

Twice in the last week, it happened via the procedure in my opening post.

Is it significant that the compass rose in the screenshot is aligned north-up? I am using the secret config-file setting to make the unit act like a Garmin (orientation by GPS, same functioning as the map-screen arrow).


This has been 100% repeatable for me today:

  1. Exit Locus, turn on Airplane Mode, turn off Location. Go for ride without being tracked (hopefully).
  2. Run Locus, see prompt about Location being off, oops. Turn on Location.
  3. Tap a geocache, Guide On.
  4. Open Compass via customized panel button.

Result: arrow missing.

I haven't found a corresponding recipe to not make the arrow disappear. Maybe today, it's always disappearing for me.

Hope that helps. :)


We can't simulate the issue even with your latest instructions but we've changed a bit the way of refreshing the compass according to GPS change. You'll see in the next app version.


On October 4, while geocaching with unknown version of Locus 4 (sorry), I noticed something interesting. The arrow was still disappearing, AND the compass rose was oriented very badly, I estimated 150 degrees from correct. (150 is approximately 180 - the local declination; could this be significant?)

Then I realized I had "use true bearing" turned ON (why?), turned it OFF, and everything worked well after that.

(This is all from memory, so not up to my usual standards for a bug report, sorry.) In case it helps...

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