Erroneous lock of the locus screen

Vyacheslav Rotko shared this problem 59 days ago

1. Launch Locus

2. Enable or check the settings-Control-Screen-Screen Unlock-enabled

3. Turn off the screen with the power button.

4. Turn on the screen with the power button. The screen should turn on, but access to other applications will be blocked.

5. Select any track and enable "track navigation".

The screen starts to quickly switch between the "Locus Screen" and "Graphic Key Input Screen" states. This will continue indefinitely.


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my colleague Michal also had the exact same issue for a few years and we were not yet able to find out why this happens. What device and Android version do you have? I looked that Michal is the only one with this issue, but seems there is now a bigger reason to find out how to hack this. I'll try to find out more and will inform you here. Thanks.



Lenovo P2a42, Android 7.0 stock firmware.

The phone is rooted.

This error was present in all earlier versions, at least since 2016. I have suffered from this for a long time, but only now I realized how it occurs.

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