LocusMap on Harmony OS

Leszek Szymański shared this problem 2 months ago

I have installed LocusMap on Huawei Tablet with Harmony OS (2.0) for better

planning. It works thanks Huawei's Clone Phone/Tablet apk.

The only problem is login without Google and obtain Silver user functionalities and maps downloadings.

Import of existing (saved) routes from smartphone Huawei P30 Pro to Huawei Tablet thanks Huawei Share functionality was no problem. Routes are visible on tablet after this import.

Solo rights for Google hurting apps flexibility !!! Please do something !

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Hello Leszek,

Unfortunately, Locus Map is closely connected to the Google Play system (distribution, license verification), so we currently do not provide any solution without Google.

Thank you for your understanding.

Have a nice day


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