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Can't get how to edit track, recorded with Locus, in Locus.

vsespb shared this question 2 years ago

I've read the manual

It describes how to edit route, but when it comes to real track, recorded with Locus, the manual does not help.

For example I recorded pretty complex track (attached). When I open it in planner (web or mobile) it show the route and

only 3 points on it (attaching screenshot a1.png)

If I try put an additional point, it destroys half route (screen a2.png). If I try to delete part of the route,

it will delete one of the point and destroy half of route.

How to edit it?

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Changing route progress:

For this you need to use Locus route planner (it is re-planning the route) - if a recorded track opened in the planner doesn't contain waypoints, Locus adds one shaping point in the middle and both track parts marks as manually shaped. If you want to change the progress of the track, it is necessary to add shaping points to it first. The more shaping points the better so that Locus more easily reflects the original track. More at

Deleting inner part:

As this is more like a repair, use the "Modify track" feature. When in the modifier, tap the starting point of the deleted part, then select "cut inner part" from the menu and then tap the ending point. Confirm. More at


Thanks! I tried working with tracks that way several times, but there are few problems:

- To edit a track I need to add shaping points, one point on every turn. There can be ~ hundred of points. It's manual work in mobile

phone taking tens of minutes!

- Route planner has no undo feature. If I touch and drag wrong point by accident, it will damage whole rest of route, which does not have shaping points yet. Probably

I need save the route after every few points.

- But After saving a point, I should exit planer, find a route and edit it again. Some glitch in mobile app - I cannot save route and continue eiting it.

Attaching photo - I added 46 shaping points, after that I probably moved one point of segment without shaping points, by accident, and whole

route now destroyed. I need start from scratch.



1) there are undo/redo buttons in the top left corner of the planner:


2) you don't have to place so many shaping points. The shaping points only help the router define the route - turn off the manual mode and let the route draw the line for you. More at

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