Locus4 cafe / restaurant not show in map

Norbert shared this problem 58 days ago
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If no point, not show in map

53.6025 6.6843 osm amenity=cafe building=commercial (Strandcafe Seeblick)

53.5914 6.6829 osm amenity=restaurant building=yes (Upholmhof)

Point: Show in Locus map, if osm building=yes AND Point amenity=cafe

Set a node OR draw as an area along the restaurant outline. Tag it with amenity=restaurant and name=*.

Set a node OR draw as an area along the cafe outline. Tag it with amenity=cafe and name=*.

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Reset preferences works. Cafe/Restaurant show in the map.

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1. Reset preferences, then icon "cafe" (53.6025 6.6843) is shown on the map

2. Stopp Locus4 by pressing back-back

3. Start Locus4, then icon "cafe" is not shown on the map

Best regards Norbert


Hi Norbert,

I think that it's somehow related to the type (online/offline) of POI you use. Do you know if online or offline LoPoints are used?

Thanks, Petr

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