Android11, Locus inside "private folder"

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Hello menion

i am testing android11 with Locusmap in private folder and LocusPro in root folder.

now I have a few questions:

1. the used teststring "Duplicate folder" in the screenshot is at least in german language "Ordner Duplizieren" in this context misleading, this 7 years old translation means create a copy of this folder.

here a new textstring as question would be better >

"duplicate folder ?"

2. in screenshot

- green and yellow marked folders are ok

- magenta marked folder is in my case a folder "Locus" on the external SD which has no connection with the locus installation.

- cyan marked folder on the external SD does not exist!

3. until now LMP and LM4 use the same directory in the root folder when this is selected.

If in the future both are in the private folder


then the double space on the internal SD will be necessary ????

4. if the user creates a backup as long as LMP or LM4 is in the root directory, then changes to the private directory with locus, can this backup be used without problems?

I know you don't like long posts, but these questions are on my mind and I'm looking forward to the answers.


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Hello balloni,

these are good questions that should be definitely answered :).

1. I would rather stay with the simple informative label that IT IS a duplicate app folder. Because in most cases, it is. If you have a suggestion for a better German translation, please update it on the Crowdin, thanks.

2. It is more complicated.

"magenta" ... app detect directory based on the "Locus" name. So if you keep the name on SD card as "Locus", app considers it as own directory.

"cyan" ... I'm sure this directory exists. Maybe it is not visible to you, but the app had to detect it and because of this, it is visible on this screen.

3. yes, it is correct. Both apps will use their own private directory with their own data. There is still an option to use vector maps from the custom directory, but I'm starting to worry, this option won't also be possible. Task on next 2 or 3 weeks to finally prepare the final solution.

4. There should be no problem. I was careful to use all possible filepaths as "relative" paths only, so I believe it will work without any issue.

Feel free to ask if something won't be clear regards this topic. Not all is clear to me yet to be true, but during September, I should be resolved.

Jiří M. aka Menion


Hi Menion,

as I wrote in related post, doubling downloaded (by user) vector and raster maps is unacceptable. And I proposed to offer an option to leave those maps in the orginal /Locus folders - readonly anyway for such maps (the "cache" DBs for online maps are a different topic and need to go to the private space.

For downloads via Locus action: I propose to use a sub-folder of /Downloads, which seems open to any app, right?

In addition: is there a way to "employ" apps like X-plore (CZ file manager) to do the move to a desirable place (which is NEVER a private folder for complete map downloads. I mean send X-plore the "order" to do such a thing?

Good luck and cheers




it may be unacceptable, but maybe also inevitable. More info later ...


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