Geocaching: Crashes & strange UI behaviour

Urs Bernet shared this problem 11 months ago

Since a couple of weeks, Locus Map (4.3.3.) has a strange and annoying behavior in combination with geocaching:

1. when logging a geocache, the app crashes about every third time.

2. frequently geocaches can not be selected or opened (no reaction when clicking on it).

3. when the details of a geocache can be opened, there is either no menu or it is collapsed on the left (three points) instead of having some symbols at the bottom.

2. and 3. can be fixed manually by selecting the Locus app again via the app overview. This is of course very tedious....

Possibly 2. and 3. are a consequence of 1. because they only seem to occur when I am on a tour.

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The assumption at the end is not true. The behaviours 2 and 3 occur without a previous logging action as well.



We apologize for any inconvenience.

To your problems:

1. Can I ask for your "User ID" to be sent?

You can find it Menu> About / Helpdesk> About> User ID

2. Our developer already knows about it, but unfortunately we are not able to simulate this problem yet

3. Please try disabling full screen mode.

- Application settings> Controls> Display> Full screen

Thank you for the clarification.

Have a nice day




this ticket has been inactive for a long time. Therefore, I assume that the issue has already been resolved and I mark this conversation as Closed.

If the problem persists, feel free to contact me.


Zdenek, Locus team

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