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Adam Wierzgoń shared this problem 15 days ago
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I use Locus Pro for few years. For few months now my Locus is recording wrong elevation gain.

It was ok for years, it was ok on my current smartphone.

I thought, that my device is broken (Samsung Galaxy A40)... I installed new free version on my wife's device (Samsung Galaxy M21) and it was the same problem. Restored defaults, the same.

I tried to record the same track on other app and I found out, that it's Locus problem.

Elevation gain is completly wrong. Look at pictures.

Please help.



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Hello Adam,

Locus Map processes altitude from data it receives from your phone's GPS.

If the data is incorrect or contains large deviations, the resulting altitude is also incorrect.

However, Locus Map offers several methods to reduce these variations. Open Locus settings> GPS and sensors:

- Position filter> select medium or heavier filter

- Location supported by Google> turn it on

- Altitude Manager> Settings tab> SRTM Data - select "Optimize GPS Values" or "Replace GPS Values"

- Altitude Manager> Settings tab> Pressure Sensor> On (if available)

- Altitude Manager> Settings tab> Altitude Filter - select a medium or heavier filter

Have a nice day



It Did not help...

The point is that before 10.03.2021 recordings were correct and that on my other recorder (mapa turystyczna) everything is still ok...


Hi Adam,

could you please send a screenshot of your settings > GPS&sensors > Altitude manager - all its tabs? (settings, offset, pressure). Thanks.


This is after hanges suggested by Andrea. Before i used default values since 2016... and everything was fine.

Bad evevation gain started in march 2021.


Now please change the SRTM data parameter from "Optimize GPS values" to "Replace GPS values"

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