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Improve workflow for adding Shaping point

Andrew Heard shared this question 2 years ago

Maybe there is a faster way to modify an existing route, but here is my current workflow when the router planner needs "encouragement" to go an alternate way:

  1. tap on route segment (but not on existing Via or Shaping point, or POI, or other tap-able map item)
  2. generally the route segment is then displayed, but sometimes there are multiple items in a list to choose from, so again tap/ select route segment item
  3. tap dot-dot-dot menu
  4. tap Trackpoint <N>
  5. tap Via or Shaping or Navigation icon, in this workflow tap green Shaping point icon > focus returns to map
  6. tap the new Shaping point icon
  7. now again the same selection is displayed BUT now also a dot-inside-circle icon, tap this icon
  8. now, finally, I choose a method from the Select Location list for the alternate routing point, generally in this workflow "Select on map" is most useful

Hmmm, what a lot of tapping, for a very common use-case.

Note the tap-and-drag method (with magnifier) is generally not a suitable option over longer distances or where placement accuracy is required or the destination location is not visible. minor suggestion/ idea is simply for the first panel displaying Via/ Shaping/ Navigation icons to include the dot-inside-circle icon. This would reduce #taps from 8 to 6. Mockup below showing the extra icon. Tapping this icon would add a point type according to the Route Planner settings "Via points as default".


a video is worth a thousand words -

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yes - jealous, at first glace it appears to be a far superior but simpler UI/ workflow - the textual menu items appear more intuitive than the LM route planner icons, and less taps

to be fair, the LM route planner I think is offering far more functionality - many more methods to specify the new point location & choice of shaping/ via/ navigation point

still, unless someone can suggest a simpler LM workflow, my point stands - to accurately add a new shaping point is currently very convoluted


Hello Andrew,

nice "steps", but why so complicated? Check the video please. Long-click should be your friend.


Hi Menion

"but why so complicated?"

ha ha - because I didn't know that the long-tap would allow a new point in the middle of a close-by track segment - excellent - thanks for the tip. My "idea" should have been a "question".


Fine :). Long-clicks are always a pain :).


It is...does not work ? Tap where ? Long tap ? .... nothing.... (I want the route to be on both sides of the Expressweg)

= Old railway cycle path. (Just need to pass the Expressweg by a small deviation using the traffic lights)

Attached: The traject. (mini part)


Not a pain for me now @menion.

@0709 long tap on location of new point > menu with +start/ +middle/ +end.

  • +start = add new point before existing start point
  • +middle = add new point into middle of current track segment
  • +end = add new point after existing end point

Also discovered:

tap+drag existing point to new position - fast method for close-by new position

tap+drag "track segment" icon to new position to also add new via point

@0709 I'm unclear what Kdpk8FA7Fzc is showing?


Small correction

+middle = add new point into middle of NEAREST track segment

tap+drag "track segment" icon to new position to also add new "via or shaping (based on preferences) point


This (attached) is what I expected to obtain after correction. (By Locus map mobile)

Sorry but no menu is shown by a long tap onto the map position(s). (Operation = in the route planner). Is hat by my usage of the online GH ? Will test later.

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