Bluetooth signal opens menu or wants to stop recording.

freischneider shared this problem 13 months ago

I use the bluetooth remote control. In the expert settings I have assigned the BT code to the corresponding actions.

I have 6 buttons.

Set button: screen on / off

Return key: turn on / off

A button: Zoom

C key: zoom

B key: free (I want to use it for Tasker)

D key: centering

I had these settings in LM3 Pro. They worked wonderfully and still do.

It's a problem in LM4. When I use the B key for Tasker, the menu opens in Locus. But it's not a Tasker problem. I switched off Tasker and the menu was open anyway.

Then I swapped the assignments. I now do centering with key B and use key D for Tasker.

Now comes the message you want to stop recording. The key D wants to end the track recording.

Since the B key is now assigned centering, it no longer opens the menu.

Key B (Code 96) and Key D (Code 97) trigger unwanted actions in Locus if they have no assignment in the expert settings.

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Hello Andrew,

post me please screenshot what exactly you have set in Expert settings? I'll try to simulate it on my own device, thanks.


Ich habe auch meine Einstellungen als Backup angehängt.


I deleted it again. I swapped a button yesterday to test. Send the information tonight.


Bei dieser Einstellung wird Taste D (Code 97) nicht von Locus zugewiesen. Wenn ich darauf drücke, möchte Locus die Aufnahme des Tracks beenden.


With this setting, key B (Code 96) is not assigned by Locus. When I press it, Locus opens the menu (only after the 2nd press).


Thanks for the files. It seems to be a little more complicated.

What device are you using? Well known "Magicsee R1"? If so, which mode are you using?

Anyway as I test it, Locus Map handle key events correctly. In case, it is not handled, it is forwarded to system. And here is a problem. Seems this R1 device send for unknown reason also some up/down KEYCODE_DPAD_CENTER event for A button, in case, original event is not handled by the Locus Map. And this probably has efect like a click on currently active UI item. In your case it is main menu, in my case it is top panel, but the result is same. For the B button, "back" event is send as well.

If I open for example "Chrome", "B" button really works as back button so it seems to be some kind of feature.

What to do with it, hmmm ... do not know to be true. Solution should be to handle all events over Tasker and forward only what you want to Locus Map over "Action tasks" if you are aware of this feature.


I am using a Samsung S8 and a Redmi Note 10 Pro. The same in both cases.

Magicsee R1 with mode B

Your answer: Solution should be to handle all events over Tasker and forward only what you want to Locus Map over "Action tasks" if you are aware of this

When I send all commands to Locus with Tasker. Then the signal is misunderstood by Locus too? Or is it intercepted by Tasker and doesn't even get to Locus? It is now so that I can send it to Tasker. It does the job in Tasker and it does the wrong job in Locus.

After my vacation I can take tests.

I now have an emergency solution: I have now placed the free key for Tasker on the Return key (Code 103). No wrong action is taken here. In any case, I am not aware of any.

I have now assigned the keys with quick actions (key B, D) to Locus (Rotate, Centering)

If you can find a solution ..... nice. If not, I have to get used to the new assignment.


So R1 as well, fine.

I do not see any simple solution, this device simply report invalid values. If I block alternative values, it may cause a problem with other devices, so it is not a solution.

By using tasker as the primary target for tap event, I was talking about so-called "Action tasks". Check this my old blog, it may help.


Ok, I'll test it after the vacation.

With LM3 there were no problems here, only with LM4 But what is the reason?


Hi freischneider,

I forget what exactly was the problem, but so far, there is no second issue with the same problem. For me, it is unique, hard to simulate issue = so it is close it "let it be". What do you think? It is problem that blocks usage of the app? Or better, does this issue still exists?


I understand, close the ticket. There are more important things for you to do.

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