no restaurant, no fast_food

Norbert shared this problem 16 days ago
Not a Problem

Example Rönkhausen 51.129 7.576 Hook for Food&Drink set ON.

Theme Hike&bike LoPoints(offline) off => no restaurant, no fast_food >>> screenshot1

Theme Hike&bike LoPoints(offline) on => displayed restaurant, no fast_food >>> screenshot2

Theme City LoPoints(offline) off => no restaurant, no fast_food >>> screenshot3

Theme City LoPoints(offline) on => no restaurant, no fast_food >>> screenshot4

I am interested to see restaurant and fast_food in the map.

Best regards Norbert

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There is no FastFood in OSM. Then Locus cannot show any. You can enter it in OSM. The more you do that, the better the card gets.


Hi Norbert,

the LoMaps and LoPoints are generated from mentioned OpenStreetMap (OSM) data. Please report a new OSM note in case that there are is some mistake in map or some elements is missing

OSM is a comunity project and everybody can contribute. More about OSM and mapping -

Thank you


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