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Login issues across services

justposted shared this problem 21 months ago

My Locus logins seem to have got themselves confused. First I was randomly logged out of my Locus Map (Gold) on my phone a day or so ago. So I reset my password and could then log into the store on my computer, but not to the Planner (I tried 3 browsers and added an exception to BitDefender just in case).

My Locus Map Pro installation on my phone doesn't log in either. I've reset my password again, but I have the same issue - I can log into the store on my PC, but not on my phone.

Could you check my account please? Perhaps I need to be forcibly logged out of everything somehow, so that it can all reset.

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Can you please write me the account you used to purchase the application?

And also the account you use in the Locus Store?

Thank you for the clarification.

Have a nice day




this ticket has been inactive for a long time. Therefore, I assume that the issue has already been resolved and I mark this conversation as Closed.

If the problem persists, feel free to contact me.


Zdenek, Locus team

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