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The recovery of the original geocaching icon

Dirk shared this problem 2 years ago

Hello Locus Support Team,

the problem concerns Geocaching more exact said the removing of a log entry and the recovery of the original geocaching icon on the Locus map. Important, everything happens offline, not online. What does it mean?

When I log a cache as “Found it” or “Didn´t find it” I choose Log visit → Found it → confirm. Afterward a yellow smiley appears for “Found it” on the Locus Map or a blue smiley for Didn´t find it. Works nicely.

Five seconds later (e.g. I have logged the wrong cache) I want to remove the “Found it” again and want to restore the original geocaching icon and exact here there is the problem. I am able to delete my “Found it” but the yellow smiley do not convert back in the original cache icon as before. On the map respectively my screen I can still see a yellow smiley. Correct would be when I remove my “Found it” and afterward the yellow smiley turns in a green geocaching icon for a traditional cache for example. And that do not happen.

In Locus Map Pro it works, in LM 4 it doesn´t work any more.

Are able to fix this error?

Thanks so much for your trouble

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# In Locus Map Pro it works, in LM 4 it doesn´t work any more.

confirm behavior, with LMP it work offline without updating the geocache

we discussed in german forum


Hi guys, thanks for reporting. Issue tested, simulated, forwarded to the devs.


Hi, the issue has been fixed. Please wait for the 4.5 version.


Thank so much for this good new. Also thank to the developers for their good job.

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