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Menu sticky on wrong position

Wolfgang shared this problem 18 months ago


often (not always) the menu of the details page moved up and keeps than it's position. When I scroll then the details page itself scrolls than in the background. See screenshot.

With the next time you open the details page all could be fine.

My friend has the same problem with s different device.


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Hi Wolfgang,

I'm sorry but we are unable to simulate this issue. Without simulating, it is impossible to detect the cause of the problem and to repair it.



I have the same issue. Unfortunately, I'm not able to reproduce this reliable.

I display the map with lock to position but with turning map switched on. I saw it a few times, when selecting a Geocache on the map. Or when I the area I touched on the map contains several items and I get the choice which to display. Selecting a Geocache form this choice shows this issue. Also when selecting the waypoint of a geocache and then jumping to the parent.

This does not happen all the time.

As you can see from my screenshots, the top and bottom bars of the OS are visible and transparent. If you compare their sizes and the offset of the toolbar from the bottom, this is the same distance.

I use an Samsung S10 with Android 11 (September Update).

I hope this helps to reproduce this issue.

Thank you,



Hi, at last we managed to simulate the issue and we fixed it. Please wait for the next app version.


That's great. Many thanks!

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