Same LM and maps shows different results on different mobiles

francesca gia shared this question 2 years ago
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I had LM version3 installed last year on my Redminote 8 pro with OAM Italy map. I bought also a galaxy A12 and installed LM v 4.5 with the OAM Italy map and Elevate 4. In order to have the elevation curves also on the Redmi, I updated LM to v 4.5, reinstalled the OAM map of Italy and downloaded elevate 4, too. However, the curves do not display and also some layouts are different. How can I get the elevation curves on my Redmi?

Secondly, I remember there was some special setting in order to have the map available when you are not online and the cache is cleaned?

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from your description is not clear which Locus Map version are you using as 4.5 does not yet exists.

Anyway OAM maps are not produced by us and I'm not familiar with them, but as I quickly testing the downloaded Czech Republic map, contour lines seem to be visible in all cases. So is really your Italy map selected together with the correct map theme? Please check it once again.

Map available when not cached? Do you talk about some online map? I'm not aware of such settings. How this should work when app does not have downloaded data to display?



yes, my falut

on the redmi note it is version 4.4.0 and contours are NOT visible

on the galaxy it is version 4.3.3 and contours are visible

the maps are exactly the same

update for the Redmi: "playing with the "theme" options for the maps I managed to have the elevate contours applied to the map. However the rendering is slightly different between the 2 phones. Is that due to the different releases (v 4.4 vs 4.3.3)?



there should be no difference between these two app versions. Maybe both devices have a little bit different screen resolution anyway content with identical settings should really be identical. It is a little hard for me to help you here. The easiest solution I see is to copy exactly the same map and same theme (stored in Locus/mapsVector/_themes) from one device to another to be sure, both have identical data.

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