Points spontaneously become hidden

Viajero Perdido shared this problem 26 days ago
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I've had a hard-to-duplicate problem for several months; my most recent mention was here: https://forum.locusmap.eu/index.php?topic=7496.msg64786#msg64786

Consistently, but unpredictably, most or all of the points in a folder become hidden. It never happens when I'm "doing something", checking the folder before and after (including after sync); it always seems to happen after some inactivity. SIGNIFICANT: the number of points left visible in a folder, eg 7 / 3000, seems to correspond to the number of points within the screen viewport at the time.

This happens to folders of geocaches that I routinely import on one device and let sync to another, and to my Favorites folder where I frequently edit points and let them sync. I never manually set my Favorites folder to show-none, but do frequently have to set it back to show-all. My sync setting is: show new points: yes.

I have a hunch the screen-viewport observation may help solve this. Thank you.

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Hello Viajero,

I'm sure you will understand that problems that are "hard to duplicate" are usually also "hard to fix".

From your description = so it seems to happens for following conditions

  • geocaches
  • folders where you made import of for example PocketQuery
  • after sync with enabled "Show points"

Right? I may only try this setup few times on my devices to see if this happens to me as well.


Hi Menion.

Not only geocaches. It happens to my Favorites folder, which contains points I've added manually. I do sync that folder, but the problem doesn't seem to happen during a sync, only at unknown times when I'm not paying attention.

I've been a software developer too, so I know that duplicating the problem is the crucial part. I'll keep trying at my end. Thanks.

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