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For anyone with smartwatch connection problems...

Alistair Parsons shared this question 14 months ago

With development stopped on the wearOS plugin

and also the abysmal state of WearOS in general

just found out something interesting.

Was playing around with a spare phone I had, zte blade, new it was only £30

and i came across an app called watch droid assitant

this is basically the sending/receiving part of smart watches that run full Android not wearOS, like the lemfo etc.

with most phones nowadays being quite large, i also came across one of those running cases for strapping a small phone to your arm,

so basically ive made myself a smartwatch from an old phone

all notifications from maain phone go to my "watch" which has a 3.5" screen

ive got LM4 on it so I can use this "watch for running or as a bike computer, and keep my main phone safe, and and just sync up my track recordings afterwards.

google maps navigation prompts on main phone pops on on the other phone, it can control music playback etc

So if anyones got a spare phone, easy to turn in to a bike computer that you could leave on bike without needing to unmount it even.

Would be usefull if 2 android devices that were paired by bluetooth could communicate with each other, ie from a tablet start track recording on a phone, open compass screen on phone/watch when click button on tablet ( this could be done in tasker) but sending a guiding to request would be trickier. Ie if you select a guide target on tablet/phone , compass pops up on phone/watch with arrow indicator.

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Hello Alistair,

don't be so quick with "development stopped on the wearOS plugin". I'm just now in my spare time working on this add-on again. There won't be probably a big change but definitely at least a maintenance.

Anyway your solution looks quite interesting. Maybe you find also a belt around your wrist :).



My bad, I think I was getting confused with AR plugin stopped/paused development

WearOS is awfull at the moment, ive got an LG G watch but loads of apps stopped weorking on WearOS1.4 after play services updated, so I gave up and went for Amazfit Trex, much better battery life

main thing I miss on the trex is the locus plugin, but also i remembered I was having issues route recording and playing pokemon go on my pone at the same time, so i thought id dig out an old phone...

what might be usefull is a sort of locus mini companion app that has the features of the wearOS app, but would work on a bluetooth connected device, liek andridOS watch like a lemfo, or companion tablet, a lot of people mount tablets in cars for entertainment.

or for people who use their tablets for locus, a phone could show the info that the wearOS app does.

Even better if it showed the compass as well, click guide to one one device and see the compass with pointer on another....

i used a phone running strap case and the small phone mounted perfectly on my wrist like a pipboy!

so im going to make a custom locus screen for bike computer, and also send phone notifications to it. for it


"Pipboy" ... nice :).

I've got your point. Quite a lot of work to make it as a native extended display to Locus Map. Anyway, it looks you are on a good way ...

Good luck

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